Character Education

Character Assembly Monthly Schedule


*Monthly Assemblies will be held at 8:10 am.

Month:                     Character Word:                                              Date:

August                     Integrity                                                         No Assembly

September              Cooperation/Integrity                                  Friday, September 27th

October                   Respect                                                           Friday, November 1st   

November               Empathy                                                          Friday, November 22nd

December               Compassion                                                    Friday, December 20th

January                   Responsibility                                                Friday, January 31st

February                 Acceptance                                                     Friday, February 28th

March                      Self-Control                                                    Friday, March 27th

April                        Service                                                             Friday, April 24th

May                         Perseverance                                                  Friday, May 21st              

Character of the Month Community Events

Months:                                             Character Words:                   Date:

 April and May (Spring 2019)   Service/Perseverance   Fri., Sept. 27th (Homecoming 2:00)

August and September            Integrity/Cooperation   Fri., Oct. 11th (Boys Varsity football 7:00)

October and November           Respect and Empathy    Tue, Dec. 17th (Boys Varsity Basketball 7:30)

December and January           Compassion/Responsibility   Thurs, Feb. 6th (Girls Varsity Basketball 7:00)

February and March                Acceptance/Self-Control       Tues, Apr. 28th (Boys Varsity Baseball 4:30)