Military Families
Welcome Military Families!
WE is fortunate to offer services with our Child and Youth Behavioral Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC). The MFLC counselor will be available to meet with our military students and families Thursday's, Friday's and every other Wednesday. 

CYB-MFLC's may support the centers, schools, summer programs and camps,and work with military children
 and their families in the following ways:
● Observe, participate and engage in activities with children and youth. 
● Provide direct interaction with military children. 
● Model behavioral techniques and provide feedback.
● Suggest courses of age appropriate behavioral interventions to enhance coping and behavioral skills.
● Provide outreach to military parents when they drop off or pick up their children at family events.
● Be available for military parents to contact for guidance and support
● Facilitate psycho­educational groups. 
● Conduct training for staff and parents. 
● Recommend referrals to military social services and other resources as needed.        

CYB-­MFLCs may assist military parents, military children and centers with the following type of issues:
● Communication 
● Self­esteem/self­confidence 
● Resolving conflicts
● Behavioral management techniques
● Bullying 
● Helping children deal with angry feelings
● Sibling/parental relationships 
● Deployment and reintegration issues