Student Council, also known as STUCO, is a group of elected student representatives from Grades 2-5.  STUCO helps build a positive school culture by planning fun activities, encouraging charitable giving and creating volunteer and leadership opportunities for students.  Student Council class representatives meet monthly and set calendar priorities for the school year.  Fourth grade has three representatives per class, Third grade has two representatives per class, and Second grade has one representative per class.

Mrs. Barker and Mrs. Petree are the sponsors for STUCO students at Whiteman Elementary.


National Elementary Honor Society is an organization that promotes great study skills and academics as well as volunteering and completing service projects for their local community.

There are 3 requirements to be eligible to join.

  1. Students must maintain 3s and 4s on their grade card.
  2. Recommendations from current or past teachers, specials teachers, the counselor or other staff members.
  3. The student needs to write a letter/essay stating why they would make a good addition to the group.

Mrs. Johnson is the sponsor for National Elementary Honor Society students at Whiteman Elementary.